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And with great change has come great opportunity. Here at eFinancialCareers we bring you a range of trading jobs across the industry. Flow traders are responsible for trading the financial assets of their clients while prop traders buy and sell using the money of the bank itself.

Execution only traders are solely responsible for placing the trades that are generated by clients. Whereas sales traders combine the role of the execution trader with advising the clients when to buy and sell, to offer a hybrid service. The mathematical skills of quantitative analysts are now in high demand within electronic markets to generate the algorithms that make electronic trading so effective.

A successful quantitative analyst will be able identify strategies and opportunities to provide a greater opportunity for success in the market, offering their own institution a leading edge over their competitors. Electronic trading consultants are tasked with improving the customer satisfaction of e-trading clients. Report analysis enables the consultant to identify where clients can improve their electronic trading performance and offer them the tools that will enhance their experience.

It is the responsibility of the sales trader to understand the needs of their client and recommend the trades that are most likely to meet these objectives. The sales trader can help the customer choose the correct assets for their portfolio and support them in executing the trades. Market structure jobs are key to understanding how external changes can influence the impact of a trade. This will include predicting the impact of changes in regulation as well as macro-economic factors that could influence overall market conditions.

Our terms and conditions have been updated; click here to read them. To find out more about it we caught up with Cameron, junior broker at international brokerage BGC partners to hear about his typical day.

Global markets trade 24 hours a day and the working culture is one of early starts. I reach my desk no later than On my way to the office I will check overnight market developments in Asia so I am prepared for the London open and can best support my team.

The early starts took some getting used to but one positive is that you can always get a seat on the tube or train! My market starts trading at When I get to my desk I quickly review and sort any emails that have come in and talk to the brokers in our Dubai and Hong Kong offices to get the latest market prices.

I also prepare price sheets that will be updated throughout the day so that price changes are tracked. Prior to the open, the team review prices and where we think value can be added that day. I like to keep abreast of the developments from Asia as I am keen to get the opportunity to work in Hong Kong or Singapore at some point. Being part of a global brokerage, such possibilities are available. You never know how busy each day will be and it varies hugely depending on what deals are coming through and market reactions to events and economic data.