Stock option symbols

Options Symbols - Definition A string of alphabets that define specific options contracts. Can be referred to as the stock option symbols of stock option symbols options contract. Options Symbols - Introduction Options symbols are "names" given to each specific options contracts traded over an options exchange. It is much like the stock symbols that represents each traded stock in the stock market. Yes, options symbols are made up of a string of alphabets that are made up using a specific methodology.

In this options trading tutorial, we shall explore reading options symbols through learning what the alphabets in a call option and stock option symbols option symbol mean. Javascript Tree Menu Optiontradingpedia. Options Symbol Explained The string of 5 alphabets that make up an options symbol represents 3 defining components; Stock, Expiration and Strike. This is the same convention for both call stock option symbols and put options.

The first 3 alphabets defines the underlying stock, followed by a single alphabet that defines the expiration month and a single alphabet that defines the strike price. Deciphering this options symbol tells us that the following information: Expiration month is October Q: Different countries would have a different convention for the naming of stocks and options symbols.

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