Online trade fifa 14 players with friends

November 10, 3: I wrote a somewhat lengthy reply in a thread asking for trade advice, so I figured I would actually take a bit more time and write up a formal topic and then maybe it can be added to the list of guides. First off, I don't spend a lot of time trading, but that doesn't mean that I don't understand how the market works, and I think some people are probably interested in learning how to trade but they are afraid to ask.

So, this is targeted to those people, not those of you who trade endlessly and never actually play the game. Introduction So, why should you trade? Well, I guess that depends. Some people trade because they want to accumulate coins to buy better players. Some people trade because they enjoy the thrill of buying a card for x and selling it for y.

Some people trade because they get bored of playing the game and want to do something else. Some people do it for all of those reasons. You can essentially trade for short chunks of time if you know what you are doing. If you don't believe in spending real money on the game to buy fifa points and you don't play games a week, then trading will be your main source of coins in the game. And it really honestly is not that difficult.

I am sure there are sophisticated trading methods out there, like in-form trading, price fixing, etc. I'm sure those can be profitable for you. I'll instead online trade fifa 14 players with friends 3 fairly simple methods that I think work all the time. You can try them and see what works for you. If you are using a different market, you should read through this and then study the market to adjust the prices accordingly, the basics will be the same. Before you start Just a few quick tips: Clean out the junk in your club to get extra coins.

When I say "junk", here is what I mean: Quick sell them and take the coins you'll get for them. They don't do online trade fifa 14 players with friends and if you've opened packs and sent everything to your club, you probably have a lot of them any players you have no intention of ever using - Again, you want to have all the trading coins you can get. The catalog - make sure you've activated and used all your coin boosts, and also make sure that online trade fifa 14 players with friends bought all of the classic kits and balls that you could.

Its only 50 or 60 coins per kit, but it adds up and every coin helps. If you are not patient, then trading isn't going to work out for you. That said, these methods are not as excruciatingly painful as the bronze pack trading method. You don't have to spend 5 hours a day trading, but if you're going to do it, you should focus for that time and pay attention to what you are doing 4.

Always online trade fifa 14 players with friends check what you are listing when you list it. Before you hit the button online trade fifa 14 players with friends list, make sure your time and price are what you want. Don't waste time listing thing online trade fifa 14 players with friends probably won't sell.

You only have trade pile slots, don't list up gold contracts that will take the full hour to sell. If you have a ton of contracts to get rid of, list them up at night in your empty trade pile slots and see what sells. Always do the math. There are sites that have a calculator for you.

If you sell a card for 10, you get 9, coins net. If you paid more than 9, for the card, you lost money. Method 1 - Squad fitness cards This is probably the easiest trading method possible.

Gold squad fitness cards always sell quickly. You'll want to always check the ranges before you buy, and generally, you should always just flip your buys immediately and take the small profits, because the cards tend to fluctuate in price. More on that later. You'll see a lot of the individual fitness cards, because clowns list them for coins each and no one ever buys them.

Just skip through the pages it will be quite a few until you get to items with 50 minutes or so to go. Then start going slowly. As you get to the 59th minute, you'll hopefully see 1 or 2 pop up with a BIN of You'll have to act fast, they sell within 30 seconds, because you're not the only one buying them. If you get one forquick list it for min max. After tax, you get coins, so a coin profit. The best time to buy these cards are when there are big pack specials online trade fifa 14 players with friends the store.

People open a lot of packs, and these squad fitness cards are common, so people list them quickly to try and online trade fifa 14 players with friends more coins to buy more packs. If you can buy them for between and coins, you will almost always make a tiny profit at worst. Selling them for coins will net youso even a 50 coin profit. Not ideal, but you won't lose online trade fifa 14 players with friends. Method 2 - Isolating on one player You don't have to understand the entire market to be able to effectively trade.

If you don't want to follow the Swedish league and understand all of the prices on those players, you don't have to. All you need to do is find a handful of players that are both popular in real life and popular in the game, and then get familiar with their prices. You'll want to online trade fifa 14 players with friends the players based on your budget.

If you havecoins to trade with, you can probably focus on 5, coin players, maybe up to 10, coins. If you have less coins, 3, coin players, if you have more, 15, coin players. You get the idea. What you want to do is look at the lowest BIN for that player, ideally finding only 1 card on the market at that price.

Then up the price by coins and see how many you find. The sweet spot is getting just under 1 page of results for a player. Here is an example: There are 8 of them on the market.

To make a profit on Khedira, you need to buy him for coins or less. And even then you are only making 90 coins. So you want to pick him up for less than coins. That will show you all of the Khedira's that are currently under 5, coins. Put in a 5, coin bid on all of them on the first page. You will end up getting outbid on most of them, but you may win 1 or 2. If you have the patience, watch the bidding, and bid up to, say, 5, max. If you win the bidding, re-list them with a BIN of 6, coins.

They should all sell on the first pass. It is really important to check the BIN before you start trading on a player, and to check it every time you are going to do a trade. Prices fluctuate all the time. What was considered a bargain yesterday might be overpriced today. The more expensive the card, the bigger the potential fluctuation will be. Once you get familiar with a card, pick a 2nd card, do the same thing. Don't try and pick 25 cards right away unless you plan on keeping notes in a spreadsheet.

Things change too fast to maintain that kind of list. If you are trading in the higher brackets, you can easily make more coins, but you can also lose more coins, so be careful. Method 3 - Speculative In-Forms This method is not as reliable as 1 and 2, but once you get more comfortable, you can use this and when it works, your payoff will be much higher, and you're still not putting yourself at risk.

If you see someone score a hat trick, or score 2 amazing goals or put in a ridiculous effort like a 12 save game for a keeper, use method 2 above and find out where the floor is for his BIN. If someone scores a hat trick, there will be cards already listed on the market from before the game even started, so there will be cards to buy.

Find the lowest BIN as you did above, and then buy all of the cards available at that price. You'll have to do it quickly, because once word starts to spread, everyone is going to try and do this as well. Once you have the cards, you can determine your path based on what the market does over the next 6 hours. If it is a online trade fifa 14 players with friends popular player, there is a great chance the player's value is going to spike up right away, so you can probably flip the cards for a tidy profit and move on.

If you are more confident that the player is going to get an in-form in the next TOTW, you can hold onto the cards. When he goes out of packs, you should then list the cards up on the market. If you were able to find clean cards no games played you will make even more. If the player does not get a TOTW and you held onto the cards, his price isn't going to suddenly crater. But that is why it is important to know your ranges and keep an eye on it.

The example I gave in the other thread was Dybala. He had dropped down to 12, coins. When he was out of packs, the BIN was in the 17, range. A few years ago, Lewandowski's card basically tripled in value when he scored 4 against Real Madrid.

If you pay attention and get to the market before the masses see it, you can make a huge profit.