Israeli regulatory chief requests power from attorney general to finish off the entire binary option

Verification documents may include but are not limited to: Unilaterally terminate the Agreement provided that there is no debt outstanding from the Client toward the Company and such termination is made in accordance with section 17 herein. Each Party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement at any time by giving to the other Party 15 fifteen days written notice. It is understood that the Company, under applicable regulations, is not required to accept a person as a Client until all documentation required by the Company have been received, properly and fully completed by the person and all internal checks have been satisfied. The financial institution where segregated client funds will be kept may be within Cyprus or within the EEA.

Quotes The Client acknowledges that the only reliable source of quote flow information is the main server for customer requests. In case that the connection between the trading platform and the server is correct, the trading platform will receive the results of processing of the Client request or order by the Company. Any losses incurred as a result of trading will not be refunded to the Client. You are granted limited non-exclusive non-transferable rights to use the IP provided on this website for personal and non-commercial purposes in relation to the services offered on the Website only. Titles of Ownership 1.

Not residing in any country where distribution or provision of the financial products or services offered by the Company would be contrary to local laws or regulations. During the 15 days notice, the Company may limit the services available to the Client, however access will be granted in order for the Client to withdraw any remaining balance and close any open positions. Clients will be unable to proceed to the trading platform without completing their account identification. Bid - means the lower price in a quote.

Reference to any agreement including without limitation, this Agreement or to any other document, shall be deemed to include references to them as these may from time to time be amended, expanded or replaced and to all agreements and documents, which are declared to be supplementary to them or are attached thereto. When trading virtual currencies, Clients have no rights to report to the Cyprus Financial Ombudsman in case of a dispute with the Company. Processing of Trade Requests and Orders A. CFDs and other derivatives are not traded on a regulated exchange and are not cleared on a central clearinghouse. The Company shall not be liable for any losses caused to the Client or to any third party by the exercise of the right of lien or by any other lawful measures, which may be taken by it, in settlement of its claims against the Client, including any future or contingent claims.

Note that 1-click deposits recurring payments are not processed as 3-D secure transactions, the client needs to enable 3-D secure function if he would like the payments to be processed as 3-D secure", as it's a vital information in regards to BTC withdrawal policy. Granting credits or loans to one or more financial instruments, where the firm granting the credit or loan is involved in the transaction. Not residing in any country where distribution or provision of the financial products or services offered by the Company would be contrary to local laws or regulations. The Company shall not be obligated to take actions to roll over an open position in an Expiring Transaction. Information is therefore transmitted regularly and without control across borders.

The Client accepts this Agreement by registering an Account on the Website and depositing funds. The Client confirms and accepts that the Company might impose restrictions on the Trading Account if required to by law, including without limitation, court order, tax authority, regulatory authorities and any other official authority requirement. The Client solemnly declares that:

Not being a citizen or resident of the following jurisdictions: The Company will bear no responsibility for any damage of any kind allegedly caused to the Client, which involves force majeure or any such event that the Company has no control of and which has influenced the accessibility of its trading site. The Company will exercise due skill, care and diligence when selecting and appointing financial institutions such as banks or PSPs, especially in cases where these institutions hold Client money. An objection of the Client does not result in the cancellation of the transaction. The Company will offer Services to the Client at the absolute discretion of the Company subject to the provisions of this Agreement.