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Recently, approaches utilizing spatial-temporal features internationale binare optionen tasche form Bag-of-Words BoWs models have achieved great success due to their simplicity and effectiveness. But they still have difficulties when distinguishing between actions with high inter-ambiguity. The main reason is that they describe actions by orderless bag of features, and ignore the spatial and temporal structure information of visual words.

In order to improve classification performance, we present a novel approach called sequential Bag-of-Words. It captures temporal sequential structure by segmenting the entire action into sub-actions. Meanwhile, we pay more attention to the distinguishing parts of an action by classifying sub-actions separately, which is then employed to vote internationale binare optionen tasche the final result. Extensive experiments are conducted on challenging datasets and real scenes to evaluate our method.

Concretely, we compare our results to some state-of-the-art classification approaches and confirm the advantages of our approach to distinguish similar actions. Results show that our approach is robust and outperforms most existing BoWs based classification approaches, especially on complex datasets with interactive activities, cluttered internationale binare optionen tasche and inter-class action ambiguities.

Hong Liu received the Ph. He is also the Director of Open Lab on Human Robot Interaction, PKU, his research fields include computer vision and robotics, image processing, and pattern recognition.

Hao Tang received the B. His current research interests are image classification, hand gesture recognition, gender recognition, image retrieval, action recognition and deep learning. Wei Xiao received his Ph. D in computer science and technology in Tsinghua University, China. His research interests include computer vision and HRI. Ziyi Guo received her B. Her research interests include interactive media technologies, interaction design and human internationale binare optionen tasche recognition.

Her research interest is mainly about human action recognition. Yuan Gao received the B. Then he obtained the M. His research interests include object detection, 3D reconstruction, facial expression and gender recognition. Open Access funded by Chongqing University of Technology. Under a Creative Internationale binare optionen tasche license.

Abstract Recently, approaches utilizing spatial-temporal features to form Bag-of-Words BoWs models have achieved great success due to their simplicity and effectiveness. Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Peer review under responsibility of Chongqing University of Technology. Production and hosting by Elsevier B.