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Global Energy Monthly Report: He recommended that such manipulations be postponed to a time when the US becomes self international oil and gas trading inc. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to be able to read and print the monthly report.

Changes and trends in international oil and gas trading inc prices of oil and natural gas. Impact of oil and gas prices on the global and selected regional and national economies. Projections of supply and demand of oil and natural gas. Changes in the global and selected national structures of the oil and gas industries.

Global and selected national impacts on international oil and gas trading inc growth and prospects of energy developments. Changes in the relative contribution of fuels, hydro, nuclear and new and renewable sources of energy in global and selected national electric power situations and prospects. Research and developments in enhanced oil and gas technologies and their impact on prospective supplies. Analysis of existing national energy policies and significant changes in their impact on national and global energy prospects.

Investment requirements and rates of returns in the various sectors of energy. Environmental aspects of exploration, production, transportation and use of energy. Expert studies with synthesis and analysis of particular energy topics will also be available to regular subscribers at special prices. Russians likely to to pull money out of Cyprus Fox Business Video. Charles Constantinou Our monthly report is authored by Mr. Charles Constantinou who has had more than 40 years of experience.

His most recent employment has been with a hedge fund in New York City specializing in energy with particular reference to shale gas trends and prospects and its impact on conventional natural gas and oil and economic growth. Click here to preview: You can download Acrobat Reader for free by clicking the icon. In his monthly reports Mr. Constantinou will focus selectively on:

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