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This assumption led us to the binbot pro youtube that enlarging or conformationally restricting the UNI molecule could result in a narrow inhibition spectrum. Accordingly, in earlier work 21, we modified the structure of Binbot pro youtube to develop a specific inhibitor of CYP707A using three approaches: (i) molecular enlargement 22; (ii) conformational restriction 23; and (iii) azole ring modification 24.

Of these, the molecular enlargement approach was the most effective and enabled us to develop specific inhibitors of CYP707A, UT4 22, abscinazole-E1 25, and abscinazole-E2B (Abz-E2B) 26.

Abz-E2B inhibited CYP707A3 effectively in vitro and enhanced drought tolerance in plants through a temporary increase in the endogenous ABA level without growth inhibition.

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