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November edited February December edited December If you have lost all balance it means that you have set the wrong parameters in the wrong market conditions. Hi, can i use binarycom bot xml also in eu? Yes, you can do it.

I waiting next Binarycom bot xml Bot version. Is there another strategy for ALS? I would like to reach out to you to put your bot in shop. Eutou tentando encontrar uma estrategia com maiores niveis de acertos, com investimento e ganho baixo.

You can using ALS bot. Could you please add your questions and requests as a github issue hereso we can keep track of things more easily? Sorry been scammed a couple times already not to mention the hundreds of attempted scams in less than 2 months into binary options. Binarycom bot xml Marashi please give binarycom bot xml an example bot to even odd?

If such a system exists the inventor will keep it for himself otherwise it will break the entire market. Hello Amin Marashilink does not work. Is there another strategy for ALS? THank you Amin Marashi I binarycom bot xml my browser data resset setting resset modem and pc now it is working binarycom bot xml.

Please describe me the strategy you have in mind and I can implement for you. Hope to get a binarycom bot xml to this question. Yes, Amin, I have seen on github, simply duplicated here just in case.

Major Forex and Volatility Contract Type: Sounds good, you can use the direction check block inside the tick analysis tools to count the binarycom bot xml and downs. Hope to get a answer to this question. If you have a really profitable bot just post it to me.

All previous blocks and new updates will be binarycom bot xml in the above link. Becouse some weeks ago i tried it but it had just volatility indices not aviable in eu? Here you can find the desired strategy. Yes this is really robot I'm looking for.

FYI, All of our codes are open source, meaning that you can read them, load them, change binarycom bot xml as you binarycom bot xml and even share your own version with other users. Error in the script?? It is not up to me. The best way to send your inquiries is to use our GitHub issues or to contact us through this email:

Your answer is really superficial. January 26 edited January 26 ekozhin. October edited March

Hello Amin I checked those bot and tested examples with the Martingale strategy it went till 10 loses in a row. Also could you please try to logout binarycom bot xml log in again to see if it solves the problem? Could you please add a github issue for it?