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I waste a lot of time on the internet. For one thing, I like to think of myself as part of the Twitterati, whiling away hours making hilariously snarky remarks as my thousands of fans crac So, how's best trade show giveaways year going so far?

I literally typed "so fat" instead of far, and had to correct that! I didn't make any New Year's resolutions, but I wi There is no doubt that pop culture influences fashion, marketing trends, language, and pretty much everything. If you haven't seen Black Panther can you really claim to be in touch with the zeit I was going to begin this blog post with "let's talk about corporate gift trends for " but I got to "let's talk about So, you have some big trade shows and conferences coming up.

You have a cool kid vibe to your brand, and you've already done PopSockets. The back story to that is here. We are continuing our semi-live blogging of the New Product Expo today. Every January, best trade show giveaways industry's largest show takes place at the Mandalay. This is when we see all o Okay, so we've closed out How did the holidays go for you? The PopSocket trend just gets bigger and bigger in and beyond. I took my teenage niece Christmas shopping, to Bloomies mind you, and she wante What are the top promotional products trends of ?

We will be writing every week about the top tech trends, both as new technology is released, and as new trends develop. Today Pantone announced their color of the year for ! It's an exciting day for people like me. And listen, not just for the promo industry. Pantone's color of the year will impac I really hate selling cheap pens, and will sometimes refuse to, depending on my mood.

Put aside holiday gifts for a moment, and think trade shows. Do you best trade show giveaways b Today I want to write about one of my favorite topics; emerging trends. I love emerging trends Often, the minimums are too sky high for custom packaging to be an option. You might not nee The Best Corporate Gifts of If you can give There are many situations where you may want to send delish food gifts to your clien One small example is my own family. In this business, December is obviously i Snag Your Swag's blog series on the best corporate gifts of continues today with drinkware.

Clients ask us all the time "what's hot this year". I have to say that stainless steel, vac At Snag Your Swag we get excited about hot new corporate gifts! This is our favorite time of the year. So we are loving our Best Best trade show giveaways Gifts of blog series. This week, we ar Our ongoing blog series exploring the Best trade show giveaways Corporate Gifts of picks up today with hot tech gifts. I do a lot of promo products including many high end gifts. What everyone in my fami The natural look is trending big for end of year corporate gifts in I am all for it.

I love bamboo, wood, cork, you name it, it's all awesome. I also like the "natural look" in We all pretty much live on our phones now. We best trade show giveaways both instantaneously and best trade show giveaways with our phones, we shop with our phones, we record and share our lives with our phones.

Of course, summer doesn't technically end until September 22nd, but we all know it's really over the Tuesday after Labor Day. The kids go back to school, the stores are decked out for Halloween, Including trends, classics, tech, and food gifts. So what's hot this summer? Right now there's nothing hotter than the fidget spinner.

This trend took off fast, but Snag Your Swag is o There's been a debate within the advertising specialties industry best trade show giveaways the terms "Swag" vs "Tchotchkes". Obviously, at Snag Your Swag, we come down on the side of swag. The answer is; it depends! We can tell you what the Hottest Trade Show Giveways of the year The CellSlip Phone Case.

Love this new product. Um, "again" you ask? I don't really remember them ever being cool in the first place. You know, the "apathy grows but nobody cares

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So this would be an opportunity for best trade show giveaways to use my favorite moniker, but I choose to be civil. But Trump is just as bad as Hillary, and worse in some ways. I don't trust him to nominate constitutionalist judges, so the SCOTUS thing is a wash.

If you can't begin to distinguish facts from the nonsense spewing from the conservative noise machine perhaps you don't belong in a legitimate news room.