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Sun 08 Apr Getting your first brokerage account is often the first step for every trader. Before jumping in to the online broker comparison you might want to read our article on choosing an online broker. Let us knowif you use an online broker that should appear here. Finding a broker to match your particular trading style or needs is often difficult, and can be a hit or miss type of operation. The good best online stock brokers canada is the field of high quality online discount brokerages has dramatically increased in the last few years.

The following online broker comparison contains only the top or the best online stock brokers forbest online stock brokers canada from experience with our user base. Contact us to suggest a brokerage we might have missed. The heavyweight of online brokers in the US also offers some of the best charting and tracking tools out there.

Trade free for 90 days when you open a new OptionsHouse account. Read our OptionsHouse review. More than 8 contracts save 15 cents per contract. Newly merged with Zecco this best online stock brokers canada brokerage has an impressive suite of tools including mobile access. Geared towards equities and options traders. Check out TradeKing's video tour for more information on their services and platform. Offshore discount broker regulated by the Central Bank of The Bahamas.

Provide a powerful day trading platform, complete accurate real-time data, technical analysis, market tracking and instant updates. With arguably the most powerful trading platform available, 4 mobile apps, and a brilliant community ToS is fast becoming the best online stock brokers canada broker for new and experienced traders.

If learning TA and charts appeals to you, run to this broker. Lightning fast executions in a full service broker. SogoTrade is also an old favorite of penny stock traders. International Stock Brokers A list of the top online brokers accepting customers internationally or allowing investments in multiple world markets.

US works out to best online stock brokers canada. See their full commission structure. Easily the best online broker on this list. IB does it all: And all from 90 markets from around the world. An unbeatable platform, amazing rates, and quick data feeds make IB the cadillac of full service brokers. Read our review of Euro Pacific. StockRants Stock Market Today: Return to top of page. Full service Canadian broker used to be eTrade Canada with unbeatable execution and top notch support.

VB delivers outstanding trade execution services to investors, traders and fund managers. Top notch tools and great pricing tier. Prices vary by country.

Stay away from bonuses and managed account services as they are all rubbish. I have a very good bollinger band strategy which is doing me just fine. Forget about all other things; focus on only finding a trustworthy and honest organization.

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